Why Invest in UK Hotels: Key Points to Consider

As the property market in UK advances, one of the areas seeing particularly high traction is the hotel sector. Many institutional and individual investors see great potential in a variety of hotels, investing more and more money into these establishments in recent years. If you’re currently looking to make a wise investment that strikes the perfect balance of low risk and high returns, you should consider investing in one of these establishments. Here are a few points to consider regarding why you should invest in UK hotels.

Stradey Park Hotel Investment – High Diversification Options in Comparison to Residential Property

UK hotels come in many different forms, from five-star heritage hotels to trendy new hostels in the heart of the city. In comparison to residential property, there is a considerable range of diversification options available when looking at the hotel sector. The relationship between high-end hotel establishments and cheaper alternatives such as hostels is not tightly linked, unlike comparable properties in the residential sector. This means that if a hotel investment in a budget establishment yields low returns, it’s usually not an indicator that you’ll see the same with investments in luxury establishments.

The high range of choice regarding UK hotel investments means a vast range of risk mitigation strategies for optimised return is possible. Many successful institutional investors seek to balance their exposure in expensive hotels as well as budget accommodation to ride the highs and lows of the general market. These risk mitigation strategies are not available with residential properties where there is a powerful inherent link between the returns of luxury dwellings and cheaper alternatives. If you’re thinking of making wise property investments that take into account the swells of the market, the hotel sector is the way to go.

High Barrier to Entry Leads to Greater Returns – Sterling Woodrow Stradey Park Hotel

On average, UK hotels are valued at magnitudes higher than nearby residential properties, allowing for investors to capitalise on the high barrier to entry. Considering most hotels, even budget options, are much larger than your average residential property, it makes sense that they have much greater valuations. The barrier to entry, as well as the comparably higher inherent value of hotel establishments, make them yield much higher returns on average than the residential sector. Hence, capitalising off of these market dynamics is highly recommended for astute property investors.

There are many ways for savvy individual investors to circumvent the high barriers of entry in the UK hotel market, allowing them to see high returns that many institutional investors experience. One of the best ways to invest in funds that chiefly invest in a diversified portfolio of hotel establishments throughout the UK. There’s a large amount of choice regarding these hotel funds, such as some placing a higher weighting on luxury establishments. The large amount of choice means greater options for investment strategies to blossom, even for individual investors. Another way is to pool money from other investors and to create a company that invests in hotels. Although more time consuming, this avenue of investment provides the most control regarding hotel investments.

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